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Lead Strong 414 carries a foundational belief that leaders are placed in their positions for a purpose and a reason, to impact others and their organizations positively.  This simple statement encompasses much depth, from leading yourself well, to leading strong teams, to executing and producing solid results.  

Results are more likely to be attained through finding and following your purpose and adding value to others’ lives.  Through personal development, leadership coaching and development, and project management consulting, our vision is to equip you to Lead Strong in any and every area of your life.  

Results Matter.  Leadership Matters.

Heather Casey

Heather is a John Maxwell Team Certified Trainer, Speaker, and Coach with over 20+ years of experience in leadership and project management, in multiple industries.


Heather has a Bachelors of Science degree in Decision Science from Berry College and is pursuing her Masters in Psychology of Leadership from Penn State University.  

Project management certifications include Project Management Professional (PMP), Program Management Professional (PgMP), and Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP), making her one of less than 500 world wide with the triple PMI (Project Management Institute) certifications.  

Heather's experience in leadership and project management equips her to quickly identify problem areas and work with your organization on solutions, ultimately leading to stronger results for individuals, teams, and organizations.  

Heather resides in Rome, Georgia with beautiful daughters, Caroline (17) and Colbi (15),  her step-diva, Olivia (9), and her  loving, supportive husband, Nick. 



The Story Behind the Name
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The question I receive the most is "What does 414 mean?" 

Watch the video to get this question answered.  


Dr.John C. Maxwell

Believe it or not - I still run across many who have never heard of John Maxwell or read one of his books.  If that is you, no time to start but the present!  

John C. Maxwell is an internationally respected leadership expert, speaker, trainer, coach, and author, whose philosophy is simple:  "Everything rises and falls on leadership."  He  is a New York Times best-selling author of over 80 books and considered by multiple media sources, THE #1 Leadership expert in the world.  

For more than 40 years, John has been teaching people to answer their call to lead, to add value to, and make a difference in the lives of others.  He has devoted himself to developing and training leaders at all levels.

In 2011, John founded the globally acclaimed John Maxwell Team (JMT), an elite group of over 18,000 certified coaches, teachers, speakers, trainers, and professionals who have helped people worldwide create a leadership legacy within their own spheres of influence.  JMT team members inspire positive life transformation and help others achieve their highest vision and goals, both personally and professionally.    

Meet John